Pure Himalayan Shilajit

Pure Himalayan Power Shilajit
Gold Graded Quality Resin

Our shilajit is world’s best shilajit which is 100% pure, organic and authentic shilajit resin. Purified under the strictest organic standards. Sun-dried under 40° C.

Look how Natural Shilajit can help you

Boost Energy and Stamina

Shilajit naturally increases the level of energy and immunity by improving cell mobility in the body which tends to longevity and good health. It also works efficiently as a stamina booster. Shilajit is usually consumed with warm milk or water as a high-energy morning drink.

Source of Minerals and Vitamins

Shilajit is enriched with 84 minerals, humic and fulvic acid, iron, retinol, and Vitamin A, B, D, and K, which are essential for the human body and rarely found in any natural substance. These minerals and vitamins can help to enhance immunity and improve daily lifestyle.

Natures Best Desire Enhancer

Shilajit is a natural substance with rejuvenating properties that improve the stamina and mitochondrial function in the body, which enhances the desire and mobility of reproductive organs. It is also effective for infertility in both males and females.

Natural Body Detoxifier

Shilajit contains minerals, fulvic acid, and metabolites that help to hydrate and detoxify the body. According to scientific evidence, shilajit naturally breakdown toxins from the body and enhance the detoxifying process.

Anxiety And Mood Stabilizer

Regular use of shilajit can improve the level of tolerance to high altitudinal stress and give relief to anxiety. Shilajit with the properties of fulvic acid improves the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease and boosts brain functioning.

Enriched Anti-Aging Substance

Shilajit is known for its anti-aging benefits as it is a source of fulvic acid, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties that fight against cellular damage and improve skin microperfusion. It slows down the aging process and keeps skin wrinkle-free.

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Himalayan power shilajit

Himalayan Power Shilajit

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How to Use Pure Himalayan Power Shilajit?

How to use pure himalayan shilajit?
himalayan shilajit australia
How to use pure himalayan shilajit?
How to use pure himalayan shilajit?

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Himaliyan Power Shilajit

Himalayan shilajit australia

We use the most expensive & best quality raw material shilajit then our Himalayan Power Shilajit team diligently filter it and purify it to make Gold graded resin form of shilajit.

Our Himalayan Power Shilajit completely dissolves into hot water or any beverage within a few minutes and gives a red wine like shade, which shows the purity of our shilajit.

shilajit australia

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About Shilajit

What is Shilajit?

Shilajit is a natures perfect food a nutrient-rich herbal biomass, an organic plant material. Shilajit is formed by decomposition of plants at the high altitude of mountains. Annually the pressure from the mountains and extreme weather conditions causes this plant material to be transformed into a rich mineral biomass that flows out of the rocks in the form of resin, which is called Shilajit.

Types of Shilajit

Himalayan Shilajit is available in market in different forms like shialjit resin, shilajit drops, shilajit powder, shilajit tablets and shialjit capsules. But we believe that the best form of shilajit is only in fresh resin form and pure shilajit drops form. That’s why we only sell 100% pure shilajit in resin form and also in pure shilajit liquid drops. From 20kg raw shilajit we can extract only 1 kg purified form of Himalayan Power Shilajit Resin.

Origin of Our Pure Himalayan Power Shilajit

Although Shilajit comes from a few places worldwide, only the best shilajit comes from the High Himalayas Of Gilgit, Baltistan (Pakistan) at an altitude above 16000 ft. This part is also called the roof top of the world. Shilajit extraction from these Sky-High Mountains of Pakistan is very risky but we are committed to provide 100% pure and best quality shilajit to our customer who trust on our products.

Benefits of Pure Himalayan Shilajit

Pure Shilajit is the only natural food supplement which provides 85+ natural minerals and trace minerals including fulvic acid. These natural minerals have numerous health benefits. Pure Himalayan Shilajit is considered to be great for “Anti-Aging” and the best carrier of energy. Pure Shilajit helps in improving almost all kinds of weaknesses that’s why shilajit is also called conqueror of strength and destroyer of weakness. Due to countless benefits, Pure Shilajit has been used by people since centuries. It has also been used in ayurvedic medicines.

 BOOSTS ENERGY AND STEMINA: Pure Himalayan Power Shilajit is a natural energy booster that can help improve physical performance and reduce fatigue. Its high mineral content helps nourish the body and support healthy metabolism.

SUPPORTS IMMUNE SYSTEM FUNCTION: Pure Himalayan Shilajit Australia contains antioxidants that can help protect the body from oxidative stress and support immune system function. It may also have anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce inflammation throughout the body.

HELPS IN FERTILITY AND INCREASES TOTAL SPERM COUNT: Pure Shilajit is an extremely rich substance in bioactive minerals that helps recovers that lack of essential minerals in body e.g due to aging or menopause in women. The active principle of Shilajit is fulvic acid and humic acid with hundreds of health benefits. Shilajit has Zinc, Magnesium and vitamin Bs which help to regulate sexual hormones in both men and women. Himalayan Shilajit increases total sperm count in men and helps in fertility.

ENHANCES COGNETIVE FUNCTION: Pure Shilajit has been shown to support healthy brain function and cognitive performance. It contains fulvic acid, which may help improve memory and learning.

ANTI-AGING:  Pure Himallayan Power Shilajit Auatralia contains compounds that can help protect the body from the effects of aging, such as oxidative stress and inflammation. It may also help support healthy cellular function and slow down the aging process.

Does Shilajit has any side effects?

Himalayan Power Shilajit Australia is tested by Australian laboratory and it is 100% safe to consume. Himalayan Power Shilajit is free from all dirt, heavy metals and other soil contaminations that may cause harm to the human health. Himalayan Power Shilajit is 100% pure gold quality shilajit. It does not have any filler or harmful chemicals. Power Shilajit is 100% pure and organic shilajit in purified resin form. Pure Himalyan Power Shilajit is packed in high quality food graded glass jars and all care has been taken to ensure that our Pure Shilajit Australia is meetin supports fertility by naturally increasing g international hygiene standards. Himalayan Power Shilajit is tested by Australian laboratory. Our 100% pure Shilajit is Free from GMO, Gluten, Soy, Gelatine, Egg, Dairy, Caffeine and Additives. It is also suitable for vegans.

Packaging and Jar Opening Instructions

Before you open shilajit jar, we highly recommend that you put shilajit jar in an upright position in warm water for few minutes to let the paste settle down. Because often customers find it very hard to open the jar, as pure shilajit is very sticky. Please keep in mind that it’s shilajit’s physical property and sign of great quality. We have added 2 grams extra in each jar to cover wastage.

How to Use Pure Himalayan Shilajit

You can take about pea size amount (300mg-500mg) of pure Himalayan Power Shilajit resin and dissolve it in warm drinking water, warm milk, tea or coffee and drink it. For Himalayan Power Shilajit drops, you can use 3-4 drops. It is recommended to drink shilajit on empty stomach at least 30 minutes before your breakfast. You can also take shilajit at night in warm milk, one hour before you sleep. Pure Shilajit is very sticky, it has very strong earthy smell and bitter taste. In the start it will be bit hard to use it but later on you will be used too and you will love its taste. Give it a go, your body will thank you.

where to buy Pure Shilajit in Australia?

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