How Shilajit and Raw Food Does Body Detoxification?

How Shilajit and Raw Food Does Body Detoxification?

In our daily life most of the time we remain exposed to environmental pollutants that are harmful to our bodies. When they enter through different channels in our body they become more hazardous. In the body, they not only destroy the immunity system but also damage many other mechanisms of the body. Therefore it is necessary to remove them from the body for the efficient performance of all mechanisms of the body. This detoxification of the body can be done through the use of Shilajit, a natural super herb with plenty of benefits associated with it and other raw foods.

Removal of toxins by use of Shilajit  

Shilajit is considered to be a natural superfood that can be used for multi-purposes. It has anti-oxidant and anti-viral properties. According to studies Shilajit may have 80 plus different beneficial compounds including different enzymes, phytonutrients, and minerals. It also contains acids like fluvic acid and humic acid.  These acids may remove different toxic and chemical compounds from the body.

Working procedure of the Shilajit

There are many ingredients in Shilajit that may help to excrete many harmful substances out of the body. Containing anti-oxidant properties fluvic acid and humic acids may help in the cleansing of the free radicals from the body. It also acts as a catalyst and can be helpful in pacing up the chemical processes in the body. It may save the accumulation of unwanted wastes in the body.

The right way to clean the body with Shilajit

If you are apprehensive about body cleansing then make it a habit of cleansing the body on daily basis. This can be done by using the Shilajit in the following ways

For general body detoxification

Generally, the body can be purified by taking a mixture of pure Shilajit and water. Dissolve 0.5 mg of pure Shilajit in 45 lm of water. Take 20 drops daily on empty stomach.

Salt removal from the joints

For the removal of salt from joints, a mixture of honey and Shilajit can be a good remedy. Take 100 ml of water and 0.5 mg of Shilajit and mix them. Store them in the fridge and consume the mixture intermittently. Have one spoon in the morning with an empty stomach for 10 days. Then for the next 5 days don’t consume it. Repeat this procedure 3 to 4 times for better results.

Treatment of allergies

Take a mixture of 0.1gm of Shilajit in 10ml of water every morning and 45 minutes prior to sleep at night. By following this remedy may help to get rid of allergies of many types.

While having your medication do consult your doctor because it may interfere with your medication.

Raw foods and detoxifications

For the complete detoxification of the body, there is no parallel of the raw foods. Raw and fresh foods can be more useful because they contain certain enzymes and other ingredients that after being processed or cooked may lose those useful components of the foods.

Some of the raw foods that can be helpful in the detoxification of the body are following

Raw fruits and vegetables

Taking raw foods and vegetables for breakfast, lunch, and dinner may add various enzymes and anti-oxidants that are quite useful in detoxifying the body.

Lemon water

Starting each day with lemon water and then drinking up to 8 glasses a day can make your body powerful enough to detoxify the harmful substances from the body.


Curcumin present in turmeric can be helpful in the reduction of the blockage in the bile duct and chemical reactions because of the inflammation therefore can act as a detox agent.


Generally, almonds are considered the storehouse of minerals and nutrients but they can also be used to keep the sugar level normal and remove of impurities from the body.

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