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What is shilajit and how it works? Complete Guide

What is Shilajit? Shilajit is a sticky mineral-enriched resin that is found in the rocks of the high Himalayas mostly above the altitude of 1000fts of like Himalayas of Pakistan, Nepal, India, Russia, Tibet, and Afghanistan. The decomposition of plants and herbs converts into a hard resin and is extracted from the rocks of the […]

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What are the Benefits Of Shilajit for Women?

There are many benefits of shilajit for women. some of them are discussed below: Shilajit helps to enhance fertility in Women  Shilajit has an important role in regulating the menstrual cycle and impacts the reproductive health of Women positively. It ameliorates the flow of Oxygen and nutrients to the reproductive organs. Shilajit actively helps to […]

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Fulvic acid in Shilajit (Importance)

Fulvic Acid – A Useful Mineral in Shilajit  Shilajit is inundated with fulvic acid, one of the most essential minerals of the Human body. It is mostly present in the soil and assists in the growth of vegetables and fruits. However, with the application of modern farming techniques, the ground is losing most of the […]

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What are the Anti-aging properties Of Shilajit?

  By considering the Anti-aging properties Of Shilajit: As the body grows older the process of the degeneration of cells takes place. The skin is the first to demonstrate the sign of aging. Skin Is a soft and fragile organ that gets affected due to frequent exposure to the outer world and environment. Epidermis is […]

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How Shilajit and Raw Food Does Body Detoxification?

In our daily life most of the time we remain exposed to environmental pollutants that are harmful to our bodies. When they enter through different channels in our body they become more hazardous. In the body, they not only destroy the immunity system but also damage many other mechanisms of the body. Therefore it is […]

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